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Tassie is an island off the south coast of Australia separated from the mainland by a stretch of ocean about 250 kilometres wide called the Bass Strait. It is a relatively small island by Australian standards, but is actually the 26th largest island in the world. It is roughly 350 kilometres in length and 300 kilometres wide.

Below is a google map of Tasmania. It is fully interactive for you to use, just use the tools in the top left and top right of the window.

Tasmania Map

Below is an excellent Tasmania map for tourists. This shows the major airports and ferry terminals for Tasmania. It also has all the major roads and traveling distances between towns. Click here for a good quality Tasmania map.

tasmania map

Tasmania Maps

There are numerous modern-day Tasmania maps. Some have been made for the purpose of identifying the location of Tasmania's main natural resources i.e. for mining and forestry and other information on Tassie. However the vast majority of maps of Tasmania today are for tourism. Click here for more Tasmania maps.

tasmania maps

Map Tasmania

Tasmania was first discovered by Europeans in the 1600's and numerous maps of the island have been made since this time. Tasmania had been inhabited by the Aborigines for thousands of years, however it was only discovered by the first Europeans in 1642. Initially it was called Van Diemen's Land after an explorer known as Abel Tasman discovered it and undertook the task to map Tasmania. Many other explorers went on to continue Tasman's initial work to map Tasmania, most notably Captain James Cook in 1777. Click here for more information on when Abel Tasman undertook to map Tasmania.

tasmania map

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